The Maker

I first started making knives in 1984 while stationed in Sinop, Turkey.  I was selected for that assignment that basically changed my entire direction in life.  For many years I had been a successful Gunsmith/Dealer but with immigration restrictions and military regulations I could no longer continue my work as a gunsmith.  No POW's allowed in country so I had to find something to keep me busy during my tour there.  I found a new love and hobby in learning the fine art of  custom knife making.  I was lucky enough to meet some Turkish Knifemakers that were making knives in the town of Sinop, so I dug into the art from the ground up and started until I had made my first knife.  Once I finished it and put my name on it I knew I had launched a hobby that would be something that I would do the rest of my life. 

I finished my Tour in Turkey and volunteered to take an Assignment to Augsburg, Germany where I set up shop and dug even deeper into Knifemaking.  There everything really began, and my skills were honed and perfected. 

Crafting custom knives very quickly became  much more than a hobby.  It has led me down a very rewarding path of creation and inspiration allowing me to produce fine handcrafted knives and to attend some of the top shows in the world.  This also gave me the rare opportunity to rub elbows, sit and speak with and explore and expound upon various creations with some of the top and most professional craftsman in the knife making world.

A special thank you, appreciation and dedication to the standards, professionalism and integrity to those who inspired, assisted, advised and motivated me from the beginning.  With the greatest admiration and respect;  Dietmar Kressler, Bob Loveless, Ron Lake, Bob Terzuola, Wolf Borger and to my mentor, Wayne Clay the gentleman from Tennessee, who taught me more in four hours than I learned in four years on my own.

I make knives to the best of my ability, each knife is individually hand ground, sanded, polished and honed to best finish possible.  I strive to produce a product of superb Craftsmanship, function, style, grace and beauty that gives each knife a personality of its own.  The satisfaction of producing a quality, functioning tool has exceeded my wildest expectations of what knife making was truly all about.

After an unavoidable sabbatical from knife making, my shop is now operational here in Florida and I have once again returned to my love of the art of making knives.  With a current backlog of orders my current delivery time for knives is 4-6 months.  As we fill orders and ship out knives this time may drop but as of Aug 2015 that is our delivery schedule.

This site contains the knives I have created in the past and some of the models ofknives I am currently making.   Thank you for taking the time to view my site, please take time to join us on Facebook at John Shore (Shore Custom Knives).

Best Regards,

John I. Shore,

Voting Member of The KNIFEMAKERS' GUILD, The Georgia Custom Knifemakers' Guild, and The Florida Knifemakers' Association